A skate history of Victoria.

Noel Forsyth is building a great site here it is so far…

fantastic site, lots of information and photos. it’s good to see all those old parks again after 25 years. i used to love going to west melton even though most of it was unskateable.

great read, it even mentions Sydney (and particularly 1 Errol)

i might be a sloe reader, but it took me nearly an hour to read and i loved every bit of it, hopefully some more photos will be up soon (especially of Bulleen! i still love that old shithole!)


Fantastic site. My son wanted to do his term project on the History of Skateboarding in AUSTRALIA…information was near impossible to find…a great read, and great photo’s, now he wants to do video interviews with the MOSS crew and make it into the “best project anyone has ever done”.