First 2 boxes have arrived:
Pool King Pool pirates
American Nomad
Pool King wheels
Indy 215’s
Will post pics later, gotta go back to work.

Shiver me timbers, lets see some pics Cap’n Schlager!

Aboard the good ship BDS
the buyers were a little DVS
the figure head was a chick called Leah
by christ you outta see her

the captians name was Braden
and by God the ship was Laden
with lots of decks and wheels
and at his prices, all a f@#kin steals

the cabin boy was Fletch
he was a filthy letch
althogh some say hes a turd
since he defected to shitbird

the 1st mates name was wedge
who kicks in off the ledge
he can tail drop but rarely does
except with pressure from massive sledge

Amongst the crew were men from Sydney
spendin’ cash like they sold a kidney
lumber and 'thane a skate pirates pleasure
Cap’n Schlager delivers the treasure!

:smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: 8) :laughing: :angry: :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :cry: :wink: :unamused: :smiling_imp: :imp:

I knew someone would add
thanks for not dissapointing me steve :laughing:

yeah so where are the pocket pistol hosoi’s

No theme to rewrite lyrics with pocket pistol

Yar scurvy dogs said cut-throat mosu,
where’s me fuggin hammerhead got to?
In the next load the Cap’ said,
GO change that nappy :wink:

AARGHH I say meboy
you lookin for Hosoi
He’s on the plane
with the ultrathane
and the other rock maple toys

2 boxes in, 4 to come…next coupla days Mosu.

More to come soon…

All be fine!
it be great
land the Hosoi
Ill send pieces of eight

and if by change you dont manage this feat
then beware for peg head Pete

Keep yar filthy globes offa me nomad yar bilge rats :wink:

Braden are those Pirates the 10.75" or the mid.
If 10.75 put me down for one.

tHEY BE THE 10.75 ME BOY…BIG BASTARDS THEY BE AAAAAAAAAARRRR really impressed with the pirate, 10.35pm and I have’nt set one up yet!

Maybe the first in Oz??

Will give full report as soon as I’ve walked the black plank.


Pirate review #1,

I was a little freaked out by the size of the pirate relative to what I have previously ridden, it a board that the term heavy duty would certainly apply.
It’s not only generous of acrage but it is thick. All this makes for a weighty rig.
I struggled with it for the first 1/4 of the sesh but the longer I skated it the more comfortable i became. By the end of the sesh I was pulling all my old tricks and some better than on my previous rig.

In summation I reckon it’s a good big bowl deck. I don’t reckon I’ll be kick-flipping it any time soon but I never did anyway.

The indy’s don’t really need a review- Tried and true

The pool king 101a 63mm have been great. They stick pretty well for a hard wheel but the speed difference between these and my skull waves is definately noticeable. I’ve ordered some OG Shitfires and speedwheels so I’ll do a comparison when they arrive.

All in all another happy camper. Cheers B

Hey B
Have you had a crack on the Pirate yet?

Just around the street, swapped the older indy’s and mini dubs for the new 215’s (much lighter) and pool kings.
Needs full risers to eliminate wheel bite…keen to test her out.

Hey Bradon, how much for a set of coloured single conicles and what are the specs. Thanks!