To all Concerned

Dear brothers and sisters , You may have recently noticed a disagreement leading to an altercation in one of the topics regarding skate board etiqette. A man whom I have seen on some occasions with a large group of mountian bike riders accused me of verbly abusing and hurling a skate board at a group of children one being his son. Some of my mash brothers tried to play down the issue by refering to me as the Black Night castodian of Dulwich Hill this does not offend me in the slightest. However the aforemention man began to belittle my character and took things to a personal level.
I should have ignored his coments but when accused of abuse towards children my temper rose rapidly Please accept my apology and explanation for this display of foul language,violence and knee jerk from the hip reaction :blush:

:slight_smile: Mark, I think we are talking at cross purposes. I have only been to Dulwich Hill once…my kids were desperate to go as it has a rep as the best park in Sydney, I was keen to go as I had just purchased a new Alva. My kids are bike nuts.

On the day in question there were very few people there…the MASH crew and a couple of Bike Couriers/BMX and a family with a BMX dad.
My older child who is 11 got lucky and ended up chatting with and being helped by a very cool BMX’er who was showing him lines etc…

I have never been to Dulwich Hill with a large group of Bikers, just once with 2 small boys, on the day I spoke to a very friendly MASH skater who also had a kid there, a very talkative and charming kid "eddie’ maybe?
The skater had a go on my new board in the halfpipe…all was cool…later on a young woman turned up and I pottered around with her in the snake run. As I have said previously, the MASH crew departed leaving behind one middle aged guy whom I presumed was part of the crew, maybe he wasn’t. Anyway as I have said previously, the guy seemed angry with the situation and threw his board. My son was sitting up the top of the roll in with the helpful young BMX gentleman, I did not see what preceded. My older son is incredibly cautious/polite and has skatepark etiquette to the point of being painfully careful not to offend anyone or cut anyone off, when you are 11 you learn fast that you are at the bottom of the food chain at most ramps.

Anyway, i’ll say it again…I don’t know who you are or what you look like, I am not an arsehole, nor am I a liar and did not fabricate the story, there was no exaggerating. My kid didn’t snake anyone.I did not accuse you of anything, you were named by someone else on this site. I have not belittled your character or taken anything to a personal level. I was merley trying to contribute to the debate started by ALIMAC.

This seems to be a genuine misunderstanding, and we are talking about different occaisons. I am not a man who you have seen at Dulwich Hill with a group of Mountain Bikers. So please don’t go jumping down his throat…whoever he may be. I am an old skater who fell in love with going very fast on bicycles and so am able to see both sides of the story.

Oh and also the mountain bike sites such a farkin.net and 26in bear no resemblance to that new Ang Lee movie. There is nothing on them about skaters, only North Shore teenagers whose mums won’t let them go to Dulwich Hill. There is no anti skate stuff on these sites because so many of the kids do both and appreciate both.

If I hadn’t thought the gentlemans behaviour on the day was out of order, i wouldn’t have mentioned it, just as ALIMAC wouldn’t have mentioned the dickhead BMX’ers if she hadn’t thought they were bang out of order.

If i have unintentionally caused you any offence then I can only apologise. Being a parent I can understand how being accused of troubling kids would be particulary galling.

And to the charming gentleman who spoiled our morning at Dulwich Hill, remember, you were a kid once too, so cut them some slack…and you can keep the Allen keys.

So all’s well?

I guess it wasn’t the Black Knight your kids encountered but some other random as I can vouch for Muz - he is a good hearted, honourable man.

Apologies all round if my comments started a fire fight.

We’ll catch you on another Sunday Southbank - come say g’day.

but leave the allen keys at home :open_mouth:

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OH DEAR SORRY DUDE, South bank I think the man you encountered was maybe Max on bad day he gives everyone a hard time. Someting funny about , Max lernt a leason once I warned him not to give the kids a hard time at some of the afternoon sesions his reply " yea but they S**T me Max they have spray cans " yea so what" The next day I rode dully and noticed that Max been imortalised alll the banks and walls you Know Max does this, Max does That, Max and his “”""";;’ do . I saw him heading up the bank shocked and not happy, “I said hey dude how ya doing” , looking at me he said you smartarse you knew they would do that :laughing: :laughing:

Mark, your up late :wink:

I just want to say something on Mark’s behalf. I have met and skated with Muz on a few occasions(being from Melb myself) and have nothing but praise for him. He is a scholar and a gentleman 8)

At the end of the day its about having fun, and enjoying the company of freinds who skate :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve thanks Sean, Hey boys Skoot, Steve machine, Richard and myself skated with Timmy Jac today great guy , real character he and his girl are heading down to melboure on Thursday belive me boys your going love this Guy he likes a beer but fond VB so strong . Top skater too real DP style :smiley: :smiley:

Damn pissed to have missed Bondi and Timmy this morning. Had to save my points for day trip tomorrow.

Pretty punk huh?

fully hard core

He has his own hire car and would realy love to skate riverwood with us before he leaves, He loves bowls as most of the jacs do,vert ramps are not realy there seen . Timy is 28 ,to become a Jac you must be nominated by a senior your skating ablity only plays a small part , your attiude and personality are whatched by members during a 2 to 3 year period. After which if you fitt the bill you are given your jac jaket with patch. There are two Australia Jacs in the Canadian chapter, I have a feeling Timy was asked by a senior jac to come here because of his friendly out going personality 8) He says there are about 100 jacs the older guys " Our age ’ have become a little softer with necomers for fear of the group dying out. The Jacs firts apeared in San francisco in about 1978 with a strong attitude to hard core skating and punk music. A very interesting sub cultre indeed . Doc I think they would make a good lecture topic for your students :smiley:

Mark, the Jacs are cool enough, and I got on with Timmy like a house (or possibly something else) on fire the moment I met him. But I hardly need to look to the US to find a hardcore tradition based around punk skateboarding that has existed since 1978!!!

Hoping to take Timmy skating real pools today. Anyone interested can ring me on 0421949805

OK then Bill tell me about your knowlege of the oz ones’ it may only be me thats interested, did any of ours take the bikie style type membership ?

tim should meet lee ralph.

I hope he does, He flys in on THursday Sean I told him you and Markem would be the guys to hang with

I think timmy might need to session with someone good rather than a couple of old hacks and a rusted dalek. But there maybe somethings to point him to and hook him up with. He should be skating with Tony Hallam, Cam Wells and Marty and a few of the boys.

Micheal you will be surprised, picture a guy that walks around the skate park shaking hands with anyone and making friends. 8) He was happy to skate with me all day on Saturday

If Tim was happy to hang and skate with you Muz, then I am more than happy to help out. 8)
How long is he staying in Melb?
If he wants my number, here it is…0421 493 313