Are your tucks loose?

While I was skating vert last week, I noticed that my trucks had become a little looser than normal. I usually skate at night because I already paid the price for skating in the heat of the day when my rubbers had turned to jelly.

I checked my trucks, and the mounting hardware seemed fine, but I did notice a little play around the pivot cup. So, I’m just posting this as a sort of warning. If your trucks become loose over time, remember to check the wear of your pivot bushings, and not just tighten your trucks. Replace them if you see a lot of play between the bushing and the pivot pin of the hangar.

One truck that I have noticed is one of the worst for pivot bushing wear is Indy’s. They have a very narrow and pointy pivot pin, which can wear the bushings quite fast compared to a larger rounded pin.

Also beware of Tensor trucks. They have a plastic bushing that is moulded into the rear of the baseplate and also acts as some sort of decoration/skid plate. If that breaks, which I have seen a few times, you end up with no pivot bushing at all and the hangar constantly switching back and forth. Did you say “design flaw”?

Mick I got similar problems with my trucks. The worst is when I roll on some vintage 70s trucks that I have.They turn sharper than newer types of trucks. Narrower tracks smaller wheels shorter boards keep you honest.Some of my pivot bushings are sorry sight. I have to make them up for some trucks. A lot of 70s trucks had rubber bushings.Nice pic in CW looks cool.

haha… I can’t believe I muffed the topic. “Are your tucks loose” sounds quite funny though.

I feel your frustration Richie. Nothing is worse than not being able to get replacemant parts for skateboard components. The plastic connector ring on Tracker copers used to break occasionally, so I had to use string ties or metal hose rings to hold them on.

I once used a piece of cardboard to replace an Indy pivot bushing. That was fun to skate.

The Khiro bushing kits come with 4 pointy and 4 gnarly pivot cups. In different durometer as well.

I run my trucks looser than anyone I know. And I have only ever replaced the pivot cups on my bigfootII indy215’s. Some of my other trucks are getting there. Im always checking my gear for that sort of thing too Mick.


ive re-generation-cycled the same bushings and pivots cups from the last 5 sets of indy 149s i never ever EVER change pivot bushings the older the better

just what i think, but then again who gives a fuck what yanks think hahahahahahaha
timmy JAK


A few weeks ago I got onto some Gullwing - Street Shadows. I set them up on my Vex skate the streets for about an hour, 50 - 50 Grinds on some steps and gutters grinds, and then BAM!!! I f#*ked the front Pivot Bushing, and cracked up the rear. WEAK AS PISS! and now I’m finding it hard to get that exact same size. As da’ PRO III’s and Sidewinder Pivots won’t fit! :imp: