Aussie made force slalom & giant slalom completes

I have ordered one each of these babies to check em out, as the trucks got a better rating than holeys & randalls. I am curious to see what the decks, and wheels are like. Mixed with other brands or as completes they seem to offer great value for money as the completes will be:
Race slalom complete $240.00

Race giant slalom complete $330.00

Yeah, they also do a pool board complete which looks the biz too. I saw one in the flesh at a place called RPS in Elwood. It’s mainly a snowboarders store so they keep most of the skate stuff more or less on the ceiling which is pretty damn inconvenient so I didn’t get a very close look.

Force do 2 kinds of trucks a cruiser and a DH A mate has a force set up and it is good. trucks are not as responsive as Holeys but a lot sturdier Just my 2 bobs worth


Did you get these in?

What were they like?

they should be here next week, I will share em around and post results.