Australian TS Open

Check out NCDSA Asia/Pacific for more info.

Happening Saturday 2nd December @ Olympic Park. Open division and an Over-40’s.

My money’s on Haggy, Bear and Paul Price to clean the podium, but they need people to fill the lower places. :wink:

Correction, thats sat 3rd Dec. :stuck_out_tongue:

wheres the website?

Its down at the moment. Also Clay gave me those slalom wheels to pass on to you. There very grippy looking krypto 70mm. They will work pretty good but you should seriously get some 3dm Avalons or Manx.

Thanks Scotty i actually want them to cruz down the street and rip out on the Blacktown banks with em they will be rad.
I want Manx69s so bad now as soon as im able, ill be getting em in!

Get the 80 duro manx. There the perfect all round and are well suited to the surface we’ll be racing on at Olympic park. Your going to freakout when you roll on those. I kid you not. Braden is 100% in saying these will make you poo your pants.

Yeah I reckon I’m gonna have to have a go at this slalom business myself…I may not be riding a strict slalom setup - but I’ll have a go anyway!

I ride slalom on a bds long pig, destructo’s and bds 80a mini dubs…I spose I can always blame the equipment!

Hmm - I’ll be using the street cruiser: BDS Skull and Cane, Indy 169 stage Vs and 78A Sector 9 wheels…at least I’ll LOOK good!

Do they have a class for decks over 10" wide?

If so the Long Pig and/or Z-13 with 149 and Sonic dragons could be the go.

If not can i use my Hang 10, chicagotrucks and red rider rig bare feet of course

How far apart are the cones set for TS?

I may run some spray paint in my street (perfect bitumen and grad for TS) and practice some…

Cones will be around 6ft spacings, so youll need plenty of turn to get around them at high speed.

What are the start run up distance and how many cones at 6ft spacing?

Probly around 35 to 40 cones. The start is going to be a ramp. No foot pushing.

Ah, actually the course was going to be out the front of the Novatel hotel which gave us 70 meters. Now its moved down to be right next to the mega half pipe :laughing: :laughing: so maybe more cones. Not sure.
70 meters divided by 6 foot equals 38 cones. Anyway I have only 40 cones and thats what I’ve been practicing. Should be ok. Hope we get access to the mega ramp.

Mmmmm mega ramp on slalom boards…cool! :open_mouth:

I can see you on the mega-ramp after 38 cones skooooot!

the slalom comp has been cancelled, or delayed, depending on how you look at it…

spoke to brad shaw this evening. the olympic park people wanted $20 million insurance, which brad is unable to obtain.

I’m thinking of having an outlaw race instead, hopefully on the same day. My timing system should be up and running by then, i’m just waiting for timing strips from the usa.

keep you all posted.

Yeh for now run wth the Outlaw gig Haggy, Shame the comps not on but hopefully something will be on round Feb if we all dig in.

What do i need to get this to work? :wink: