BADLANDS Prod LAST CHANCE orders close Wed 28th 12 pm

Thanks to Chris One Eye I have been given the nod to knock out a good old stoke from 86 in the form of the classic Melbourne Badlands back patch on T shirts, Singlets and Hoodies , the design was never printed on clothing apart from crew doing there own thing when the screens and ink was out for a patch run,

going to do the classic white on black and also red on black which pops, printing the front of 20 T,s, 4 Large and 16 XL being a 50/50 split between the red and white, broke even with the Borgy T,s which was fun and Thanks so keeping these at $25 buck, post was 7 bucks last time so $30 shipped,

still waiting on costings on only Large and XL Singlets, if there cheaper than T,s will do for $20, otherwise same as T,s and post,

same with Hoodies waiting on a unit cost but gunna bite the bullet and call it at 40 a piece and 10 on the post,

will attempt to post patch image next,

all garments are top quality as per the Borgy T,s, missus just said they wash really well,

so with all that if ya up for a never before released classic 86 ledgendary skateboard logo on quality cloth to rattle and confuse your local biker club speak up or PM here, Regards Mark,

I’ll go a hoodie, prefer Red n Black.

what size Hambo, Barrel or 10 Gallon, L or XL, Cheers,

five XL,s in T,s gone, 11 XL left and 4 Large,

nine XL Tee,s remain and four Large,

Can you bring something to Newy Mark :smiley:

wasnt doing newy stanga, blew skate budget in Nam, was placing order for screening in couple of weeks thats why was orders needed for hood and singlets, will only be carrying 20 t shirts, which 1/2 are gone, still hope to post pics of design laid on a T, dudes doing me a favour so I am in line,

posted images of what the product will look like on Face bunk, hoodie looks wicked with patch on the back, should have a red image tommorrow, would post here just dont have the skills,

old school rulz, exciting interest, 4 XL and 2 Large Tee,s left, havin a hoot putting it out there concidering the idea was something to keep me amused for me birthday,

still waiting on a red mock up, the red is screened over the top of white for pop affect,

4 Tee,s remain for lovin,

Mark. PM sent. cheers Daz

Cheers Daz,

that be THREE remaining,

Ya can now get a poppin visual of the Red version of Badlands patch 86 Tee shirt reissue on F/B due to my lack of tech skills,
got a week to order before its all over,

Is it too late for a xl Tshirt?

Nah your right, you know you gunna spook the local bikers,

better keep away from mirrors then…

You got till Wed 28th @ 12 pm to order and secure whats likely to be the only run of this Badlands gear so empty the car ashtray, fnish of that tax return or just plain get yourself something you really want for father day cause the family just aint that switched on,

Cheers and Thanks for all your orders which I will be placing tomorrow and will find out turn around and let you know when to get giggy by your box,

Hey Mark, I just replied via FB, Put me down for a singlet and a red T both in XL.

Cheers Brock

fingers crossed good chance might just be in on Friday,

there in and look fukin fantastic, the missus is now spewin she didnt get one, the next person I dropped two Tee,s off too said I want three more and are you doing hoodies, for fucks sake skaters will always be the same as will the wife,

recieved the precious goods at 3.30 which on a friday is way to late to rush down to the post office to hopefully put a grin onya face for Monday, so will be blue arse flying on Monday morning to dial you a smile by Wednesday arvo unless your bike blokes shit,

Cheers and Thanks Again for your enthusiasm been great fun gettin it out there again, ( like a rebirth, born again, devotee, nostalgia, flash back, respect, just trippin, livin on,ride loose trucks…