Balmoral Sk8 park

Apparently there is a new sk8 park at Balmoral Beach in Sydney.
Has anyone been there yet? if so whats it like?

Not so big but fun pool shape. Dont know about the kink on the side though.

Did you skate it Scott? When did you take those?

Na, had the camera but no skateboard. Went sunday arvo after Dulwich Hill. Just went for pics. There were a few well known Sydney skaters behind me. They didn’t want there photo taken. So I deleted a bunch of sic pics. Shit like that. Went to Bondi this morning. Finding more lines there every day. Got back to work (where i am now) and got a call from Andy. Who was at Balmoral. He was lovin it. Think we need to jam it soon. There’s no vert, just goes to vert. So should be an easy enough drop in for everyone. Think my Bigfoot’s too big for this. Naaa. Just go higher.

Im in. having an informal Jam at this new park sounds the go. Do you mind scheduling it in 2 or 3 weeks time. My ankle and cracked rib should be better from my latest accident at Bondi (friday night full collision in the “street park” at Bondi)

Damn. Bummer bout the ankle and rib. I was thinking this saturday morning. The following saturday Im off to Melbourne. Damn bad luck too. I missed the melbourne Bowl jam and when I finally start my park tour to Melbourne the day I leave (26th) there’s a bowl comp at Bondi. So I miss everything. At least I get a Park/beach tour on the way down for 4 days. Wont be the same without you bro’s but at least I’ll get to ride 7 or 8 different skateparks on the way there and back. Im as fit as I’ve ever been and cant wait.
Braden, I definatelly want to visit you while Im down there. Meet your family. Be real cool. Gotta see that wall of BDS for real. That’ll freak me right out. Apart from the Grand Prix, and maybe sneak a skate in somewhere, a visit to see Braden and family would be ace. Mate.

The lesson is stay in the bowl at Bondi - bugger the rest of the park. Hope you’re on the mend mosu, injuries suck.

Ankles about 70% all the swellings gone still has some bruising not walking ok yet. Fox always said better to take a week of on a sprain instead of be forced out for a month with a break.

Should be right to skate mid next week. hope to see ya then.

very Jealous of Skoots trip to Melbs

Finally got well enough to skate Bondi on Saturday morning. Today I had a go at Balmoral.

Balmoral is sort of like Riverwood crossed with a swimming pool. The concrete is super smooth the drops only 8 or 6 ft but there seems to be 1/2 foot of vert

you would fit the whole park into the bowl at Bondi 3 times (ok ive exaggerated a bit)

The street section (or is it non bowl section I dont know) has slab banks set at about 42 degrees (very steep). The park also has the skaters nemesis “chipped tree mulch”. I found a piece of it in the “non Bowl section” with my front wheel and proceeded to deaccelerate rapidly. As I enjoyed the sensation of my trusty sk8er stopping rotational inertia decided to instigate a shoulder charge to the bank. 3 hours later I can move my arm and im now enjoying 2 bruised ribs.

I rate the park as very happening, but will add the caution of making sure there is no chipped tree mulch anywhere you intend rolling