Braden could you please get some of these off Rich
Unfortunatley my darling wife is glued to the idiot-box watching Desparete Housewives and wont show me how to put the picture up on the site.I’ll take 2 if you get them REGARDS

what are the dimensions of the Joker series of BDS


sounds good. looks like it has very little concave. I’ll have to ride yours and see what its like.

Love the simple graphic. Too bad it’s not 7.75 ish - I’d get one for the junior exec.

We hung his original BDS popsicle on his wall - well worn and scarred from use. Don’t ya wish you could’ve done that with your first serious deck?

Look what happens when your away for the weekend…
No snow but new wood!
I’ll be sure to get some.

Rich tells me none are available to dist’s so we will have to wait for second run.

Just picked up a Joker on ebay from ZSports Dist
should have it before next Sunday’s roll