Belco Bowled Blokes Jam

Potty gave us the nod so it’s on…

Belco Bowl Saturday 22nd Jan at 10AM.

Things tend to heat up pretty quickly a the Bowl Jam. This way we get a good skate and plenty of beer time without trying to elbow the pros outta the way for a run.

Big thanks to Braden and Barnaby for throwing in a few prizes.

If anyone needs help with accommadation or transport email me at


While everyone is in Canberra,

I am trying to organise the following:

Friday 21Jan2005 Travel to Marulan and Goulburn and meet Sydney folk and skate, Goulburn has a pool next door so if it is stinking hot we can cool down with a swim!

If crew are keen for Sunday we can hit the Canberra sites:

  • Kambah half pipe,
  • Ansile drains
  • Weston Creek
  • etc

If there is enough interest and people with added time in the area, I was hoping to get a crew (we may have to hire a bongo van!) and travel to the Pot Hole (full pipe)!

  • travel Monday set-up camp site and clean pipe on Monday arvo.
  • skate the pipe Monday evening
  • Chill out Monday night
  • Skate the pipe Tuesday Morn,
  • Travel back to Canberra Tuesday lunch time
  • Canberra Tuesday night

If anyone has any thoughts let me know via this thread!

All that sounds Rad! Nice one boys.
Count me in! Just gotta hear back from the MOSS to see how i will get back to melbs. :mrgreen:

Will be good to skate some of the parks ive only seen in mags

All that sounds Rad! Nice one boys.
Count me in! Just gotta hear back from the MOSS to see how i will get back to melbs. :mrgreen:

Will be good to skate some of the parks ive only seen in mags

that last double post was from me.

The Pot Hole…Wow.
I don’t think I can get that much time off work though.
At this stage I am driving from Melb.s Thurs am and departing Canb. Sunday am.
Dave, can you borrow a helicopter from work?
Uneasy, you are welcome to have a seat in my car. You can even leave your wheels in my driveway/front yard.


Nice One Wedge!
Thanks Mate!
I’ll keep in touch over next couple of weeks. Ive got your mobile, so i’ll call when i get to melb.

Just lookn at some of those ring of fire pics, looks like your fukn ripping!:shock:
As are all the moss!

Well its Tuesday after Bowl Jam and I am slowly starting to calm down and regain my voice!

The roll up for Belco Bowled blokes was great…from memory
…Wedge, Andrew Williams, Graham, Marty, Tone, MAL, Dicko, Luke Foster, Danny Van, SAC, Barry Strachan, and myself.

My highlights…Bazza skaing his BDS and getting 2-3 ft backside airs, Wedge double wheel carves (and hitting up the channel to attempt frontside channeling it!), MAL bare foot drop in, SAC handplants and Smith grinds, Graham hand down front side rocks! Danny Van being as impressive and diverse as when I use to photograph him in the 1980s, Tone edgy backside 50-50s.

Then to catch up with…Jamie Flecture, Tim Dawe, Byron Convey, Paul Hart, Marty Batchelor, later in the day…INSANE

Big shout out to Tone who ran the Belco Bowled Blokes and Wedge who again produced some unique momentos for the category winners!

The Pang family sent me some pictures, god love em!

Thanks to everyone for a great day. Especially Braden, Barnaby (Globe), Drew ( and Wedge for prizes. We had a pretty good turn out for a fairly impromptu event.

And photos of me on a skateboard. Shit hey ! Aint seen that before. Thanks Dave.


That last batch of photos was Larissa Pang, this time it’s Kristiane.
Must run in the family!

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