Birdhouse Hawk Pool Model

Noticed in SDS a Birdhouse complete. Square tail around 8.75", Tracker darts and 60mm Birdhouse wheels with a distinct SC Bullet look about em.

Good or Bad? Good - mainstream have latched onto the old school revolution. Bad - mainstream have latched onto the old school revolution :wink:

There’ll never be a Birdhouse Bulldog :laughing:

Tony Hawk once said that skateboarding would never bust again…mainstream may, the core (this time in the hands of O.G. people) will not.
P.S. Whats SDS?

SDS = Surf Dive n Ski. Chainstore.

I think its actually good that SDS has put out Tony’s Lattest product. The sport wouldnt be what it is today without Tony’s efforts. Having said that the sport also wouldnt exist without commercialism profiting from its market.

The Price on the Birdhouse completes is like $240 or there abouts, pretty reasonable price for some quality gear, though its perhaps to narrow a deck