Bondi or 'bra Saturday 5 Feb?

Who’s skating where Satdy?

I’d be a player for Bondi - mainly coz I’m a slug and I can walk there…

Early is good to beat the crowds mate. I could most likely be there by 8am (whilst the other half goes running or walking).

I’ll kick Mos in the bum and see if he’ll turn up too.

Im doing the “before sunrise” at Bondi. Then over to Bra Bowl at 8am.
There’s enough light at 5:30am.
Had Bondi all to myself this morning. Just me and the cleaners.
Had Bra Bowl the same yesterday at lunch. All grommies back to school. Ha ha ha ha.

Right then, Bondi at dawn’s crack it is! Might even go the road trip to the 'bra too Scott.

I may be pushing it to go to Bra…I got to look for a new flat sooner or later (need room for the new family member due May).

$1mil should get you a nice bedsit (oh studio) with a view of the beach in Bondi there '66 :laughing:

See you all Saturday am. Can’t wait for first roll in the big bowl…

Like kids to candy

Okey dokey, see yers about 7am!

Great sessions x 2 today boys. Flow me some of the pics from the machines D70 puhleeze.

Father and son.

first roll at Bondi for Skatexec.

sorry I didnt make it, the hangover got the better of me. looks like you had a good day.

Cheers Scott. Post some of you guys for all to see.

Nice photos! Are you hitting the tiles frontside at Bra there mr Exec? Looks cooooool!

Yeh Bondiboy in a sorta straight up and back fashion. The big carve line is my next challenge - 10 year old kids were pullin double double carves on tiles! Old mate (bare footer, not mal) gave some instruction but getting across the hip at speed on the way in spooks me. I was trying backside, will try it frontside next visit.

The machine took some shots of barefoot old mate at warp speed frontside carve, hands behind head, adjusting sunnies etc.

You can’t beat that brrdrrdrrdt sound of hittin tile :laughing:

Machine had some fun with his new lenses.
Im not doin anything great, just like the shot.

Yes, bra bowl Pete turned up. What a bonus.

Machine braved the inside of the bowl for this one. Makes my Bigfoot look tiny.
I first went to Maroubra 8 months ago. I couldnt drop in or do anything there. But I remember there was just Bra bowl pete, Mal and myself there. It was that day that made me want to get good enough to ride bowls. 8 months later I see Pete again and was able to jam the bowl with him. Stoked.

Richard. The shadow shows all 4 wheels of the wall. He’s almost at Jamie speed in this bowl.