Boxhill skatepark

Finally something close to my joint!..cnr Canterbury & Middleborough rds. It’s a dream, these are great days bros.

Looks like 4, 5 and 6ft bowls.

aha you live in boxhill?

Nah, couple suburbs down in Waverley…but it’s close compared to Coburg, Point Cook, Northcote etc.
Went by today, well and truly started.

Awsome design. Who’s a lucky boy then.
Confusious say,
Man with cool sk8park round corner get shit hot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Scott, I have been hanging at the ring of fire a lot lately…getting my carves wired now.
Been walking around the house with that, must go skate high speed pump the tranny look!

:smiley: Hey Scott - great design … like Riversdale Rd should have been. Close to me too … Doncaster. Like when, when, when???

hey guys - had a walk over the site with 1 of the convic guys. 4 and 5 foot bowls with spine and 6 foot carving bowl. same transtion in all 3 - quite mellow. street section looks awesome too!!

thanks for the intro to ROF - had an awesome 3 hour expression :laughing: session y’day. fantastic but really feeling it today. cheers

Hey Russ, welcome.
MOSS session ring of fire tues 5pm till late.
See ya there.



Looks bloody dusty but heaps of fun.

officially opens 18th june 2005 12 noon, have skated at dawn last week mighty fine. Pumping the bowl is a challenge on repeat carves but very workable. See you there

Oh, that’s so nice!