Bushings FAQ?

As can be seen from the fact that I’ve put a few new topics up in hardware, I’m the kind of bloke who can’t help tinkering with stuff: “If it ain’t broke, break it!” seems to be my motto with all my hobbies!

Can the collective brains trust give me some thoughts on bushings? I appreciate that it’s going to be a personal kind of thing and you probably need to try out a bunch of stuff so I’m thinking of getting one of the Khiro kits at some point.

I’m 95kg and as a general rule I’m looking more for quick turning than stability. Soft bushings tightened up/harder bushings with the bolt a little looser/cones v barrels/mixed combos (eg soft top and hard bottom - I’m intrigued what this would do and how it would ride) - there seem to be a myriad of options and knowing where to start is tough.


Khiro are from soft to hard- white,blue,red,yellow,black.
I would suggest a set of blue and red for you to tinker with. The metal insert type work well under the nut. Barrel or insert for the baseplate end.