Caballero Snub Reissue

Picked up off the epay and set up for the weekend with 169’s and 97a mini dubs.

Comfortable. That’s the best way to describe riding the thing - like an old shoe. Big tail 16" WB and 10" wide just like 1980. (Init fantastic to be able to set up and ride a board almost exactly as it was from in the day? I’da killed for this very set up when I was 14.)

I’d previously ridden the mini dubs on my S&K but it’s beed so long I’d forgotten how fast these wheels are. I could pull my fave tricks (which really only consist of grinds and 50:50’s) with no probs - maybe even easier that my regular ride.

With jimmy da rail’s rails the thing screams ‘old schooler - look out’

One of the best set ups ever for me.