City East Tunnel

No doubt you heard that the City East Tunnel opening has been posponed from next weekend to possible sometime in October.

The Opening ceremony was going to allow people to walk the tunnel.

That got me thinking hmmm near new surface only chance to ride it without vehicular traffic…

Anyone else interested in a one time only (never to be repeated) hill run?

not sure when but im keen for the skate down the City East Tunnel
Scott, Steve you guys in or what!

Interesting. When.

Sounds like fun Im’ in :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeahaa - when?

Souns like LB territory. Pipe Bomb, blue 80a mini dubs or bottle green shogos hmmmm…

there is talk of the opening being next week. not sure if this is true. apparently you have to pay $20 to go in not sure if this is true either.]

Hopefully I can find some definte answers post em up and we can organise something

Skatexec, go the blue meanies…guys take pics!

Saw on the news the opening is delayed for a month…and whilst I’m up for it, the crowds may be a problem.

the crowds wont be a problem once we mow a few down !!!

no really Im hoping to be in the first wave of people so I should get a clear run (fully padded of course)

City East Tunnel is going to open in the next month or so.

Believe it or not my Aunt just got a job doing the voice over work for a radio add for the opening (add involves a 90 year old grannie winning the City to Surf by Cheating and using the new Tunnel)