Coca Cola Team 1980's

I know some of the BTS boys were in/knew skaters that were in the Coke Team in the early-mid eighties.

I’ve unearthed a old skater that used to be in it, Anthony (Tony) Jenkins. Anyone know/ remember him?

He’s carrying 115kgs and works with my brother in law. Not much chance we’ll see him anytime soon but I’ll work on him along with my bro’ in law who used to be a dab hand in the launch ramp era.

same thing happened to Maradonna once he gave up coke!!!

keep the pressure up and well see in at Dullo

I remember watching the coke boys and thinking that some marketing manger was hoping that coke and skate boards ,gave you blode hair blue eyes or maybe it was a new hitler youth group demonstrating aryan skills.