concrete wave / belco 2005

just got the latest issue iand there is a great 4 page article and lots of nice pang pics of the 2005 belco jam.

Yeh Danny stinging to see his pics, nice to know its out.

Richard Thompson pic is awesome. This guy is truly becoming a legend. Totally humble and living the Sk8 dream!

Hi guys,

I am currently located in a part of the world that does not distibute any copies of Concrete Wave, can anyone scan the pages and post them?

Braden are you still getting the mags in country?

Merry Xmas you all! Happy rolling!

Braden, any feedback on the Z-flex’ boards, how are Factory 13 decks going?

You should have yours by now Dave, sent it to your new address!

Thanks Braden,

I hope there is a huge pile of mail waiting when I get back (and not all bills) back in the country early to mid 2006.

Have a good Chrissy everyone!