concrete wave good bye

does anyone know if cw is still available from newsagents as the latest issue with mike smith on the front isnt available in shops and no body can tell me why have they stopped importing it ? is there a oz distributer?

Concrete Wave with Smith on cover is available now at Bondi Beach newsagent. However, I think someone told me they had to hassle to have it ordered this month. My impression is that it is a one-off problem with distribution.

Subscribe. I just did. Next issue is buyers guide.

It stopped appearing at my paper shop too. I subscribed mid Oct. First and current issue i received has picture of Old School Ritchie and Oz story re Newy roadtrip to Belco 2005. Looks like this:

I had lots of trouble cause the the distributors f#^ked up .My news agent bent over back wards to find out what was going on. I got the issue with the Russ Howell interveiw, but the Belco one won’t be here untill March. I think that 20.000 coppies are printed world wide ,Aust get about 500 coppies,Uk/Europe get about 6.000 and the rest Canada and the US get.Most of mine get given away to try to get others to get back into skating.Good promotional stuff ,had some stray sheep return to the fold already.

Yeah the mike smith issue is in newsagents as i type :smiley: so the next issue comes out in march hey! who can wait that long. I dont know what happened but they really messed up delaying the mag it will cost them sales. Old skool ritchie you are a fisherman of men with your CW bible any christian would be jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:

I may have to recrunch the numbers on cw…postage is the killer!