Deadbolt Pads

Is there anyone here in Oz using these knee pads? Would be good to hear what you think.

If you own a pair, where did you get them?

My 50 year old skinny knees need all the protection they can get and I am tired of my PD knee pads slipping down to my ankles!

Look forward to any feedback.

I wear gaskets (neoprene sleeve around the knee) under my pro design knee pads and have only had them slip off once.

If you have gaskets and the pads slip off then im gunna guess you need bigger knees or smaller knee pads.

scope out the gasket options from this website … list&c=462

Ive also heard favourable reviews of 187 pads and gaskets but prodesign work well for me (better than smiths)

I have a set (one of the first prototypes) when they were advertised here about 18 months ago. May have been longer. Really good pads after I shortened the length of the straps. They look bulky but you do not notice them at all.

I spend far too much time sliding out on my knees because I suck at backside airs and bail probably 20+ times each session. Never had a problem with slippage and they offer good protection which was neeeded considering a recent reconstruction on one of my knees. Easy to wash as you take out the padding and take off the caps.

I use mine with gaskets.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the replies Mosu and Darren.

Anyone know where to purchase some?