Dogtown "Bulldog model"

The board I wanted more than life itself in 1978, pouring through skateboarder magazine.
I got it through U.S. ebay 3 years ago, after selling a Powell Lance mountain, and a Santa Cruz Neptune scored from Camberwell market.
Set it up with what I would have back in the day as I mostly rode the Springvale drains, Kryptonic 70mm reds and Tracker fulltracks.

Bradon you are not the only one who wanted one. That is the original design to what Blacktown was all about starting back in the 70s.

Did’nt Fox or Errol have one of these…
My setup is’nt original yet as it has reissue fulltracks and reds bearings, but she rides like a dream.

Dont remember Errol ever riding one but Fox possible. I wouldnt care what hard ware it possessed id be smilling regardless.