Dulwich Hill (Sydney) Sunday mornings

Great to hook up with Scott and Steve Sunday morning at this great park. A good half dozen old boys with a clean run for an hour or so before 9am with a surprise visit by Michael Mulhall to top if off.

We’ll be back :slight_smile:

yeh it was good fun Slatexec. Was good to see you hit that big left down the ramp and make it first go. James was havin a good rip round the park too.

cheers scott. i’ll be full pads and helmet next sess. might get a bit braver :laughing:

Short but sweet session for us this week. rolled out the skull and cane for first ride and now I understand the lure of big lumber. It’s a magic carpet compared to my shogo II :smiley:

Ran some shitfire blackfartz for the first time too. hella fast, hard and grippy too - highly recommended :laughing:

see ya next sunday boys!

Ah Skatexec after rolling along on your Skull & Cane I went home and griped up mine. I fitted some 6 tracks (both wedged) rockets and minidubs (lime green 95a). Feels like a whipyer version of the bigfoot. Same-ish length and wheelbase. Rode it this morning at Dulwich Hill on the way to work. Sweet. Ultra turny with the wedges. Was also my first run on the Minidubs. Very fast and smooth. The wedging pushed the wheelbase from 17.5" to 18.25" so I think Im going to drill a new wheelbase to get it down to 16.5 to 17… But first I want to test it in the Bra Bowl as is.

Hey Scott, try just wedging the front truck.

Hi guys,

I have my skull and cane set with 95a minidubs, Indy 169’s and just 2 small flat risers, wheels just rub under foot but dont catch Is loose and super turny with low centre of gravity Id suggest only moving the front truck back a bit if you have to try it as my set up before you hit it with the drill U might be surprised

I agree scott it is an easy trasition from the BF and the w concave helps in smaller tighter environs

I dont ride my shogo 11 unless its a mini ramp now oh and as a freestlye deck lol

mmmm a set of mini dubs in ultrathane will be in my BDS box for christmas.

hit my first frontside grind in fifteen years on sunday :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

best session yet with the boys - 'specially the berts :wink:

Well done skatexec!!! It’s all coming back!!!

Cheers all round for him on the FS grind. But when skatexec pulled of a big barking standup to hand-down bert at the top of the bank everyone went off.
It started a bertfest. I havn’t laughed that hard there ever.
I also brought my slalom board and cones and set a run on the bike trail. I’ll keep doing that because its a nice smooth run right next to where we sit and give exposure to skaters that didn’t know this kind of skating existed.

I think it was steve that started the bank sliding body bashing session :laughing:

mark’s ‘here comes santa claus…’ flatland-slide to highside-crash was a hoot :smiley:

lookin forward to sunday

go on post those pics boys :slight_smile:

Ah yes, um ah, well Steve and I went back again at 7pm. I know, where skating again there tomorrow morning but just cant get enough of those concrete waves. Look back in half an hour for a cool skatexec FS bowl grind.


Skatexec - FS grind - Whip bowl - Dulwich Hill

Best thing I’ve seen today, well done mate!

It’s like a time warp. Our Sunday am crew is expanding and the better skaters push you to the next level. The odd crash aside :blush: , I’m loving it every minute :laughing:

The boys were scanning copies of concrete wave, shooting the breeze on the old days, where we rode, what we rode - great company, great fun.

Cheers boys, see y’all sunday :smiley:

Father and son in background and forground. An increasing and cool sight ay Dulwich Hill. A face full of stoke and the coolest Astro Boy tee shirt ever.

Classic :laughing: