Saw this out of window of the plane as I flew into Sydney last Friday as always in Leyland Brother alert mode.
IT looked to be an empty pool with a little water in the deep end but couldn’t be 100% sure.
Here is the goodle earth image with co-ordinates.
Its on the other side of Botany Bay.
Hope it is - good luck.

I see the street. Kurnell. Anyone down thata way wannoo take a look?

I am your man for deep south explorations :stuck_out_tongue: If someone can work out the street i will definitly give it a shot 8)

It looks like it is in charles parade along the water front from that picture. Can anyone with half a brain confirm this, it may be OCCY’S old joint. :laughing:

Abort…abort…its the old caravan park on charles parade and oldly enough i have allready checked this one out and its no good :blush:

Holy crap!
After you told me about the pool Michael I had a look on google and that was exactly the spot I noticed as well.
But i guess Boris beat us all to it and has nixed it…

the search continues…

I’m gonna get me and Richie and Johnny Bogaerts in the police helicopter and fly over Newcastle with a street directory.
Then I’ll get Lee Marvin and John Kasavedes, and some big cigars…

Are you sure that’s not just one very clever way to put others off the scent of the perfect pool there Boris. Occy’s old waterfront joint one minute, no good the next ?? :wink:

See if you can divert that chopper down south a little there cozmick, Charles Pde I believe, you may find Boris (also with big cigar), a perfect pool, and with John Casavetes on board, who knows, Gina Rowlands sunning herself poolside…

good work on the find michael, and good work boris on the confirmation that this is no go. i will check it out personally next time i am down that way, but from what boris has said, it appears to have little to no tranny

I wouldn’t have thought a lack of transition would be an obstacle to you benon given that little bit of footage of you and the other guys I saw in the St. Ives pool.

But seriously its a shame if its a right angle pit, it looked like a terrific shape from the prospect of the jet window with that intriguing little circular pond (wading pool?) appearing to be part of it.

Sorry to have churned up a false lead but at least it proves BORIS is out there prowling the dark streets of Sydney.

Easiest way to find anything off Google earth is with a GPS. all google pics have the long and lat positions listed. Most of the nav systems in cars use whats called Northings and Eastings as do st directories.

The globe is divided up into segments like an orange, from memory Vic is 55, not sure what Syd is. If you look down the lines of the grid in your st directory it has these positional points listed.

Is a great explanation of this in any of the Emergency services map books

ha! yeah michael i do like to drop into a tight tranny! not sure what it achieves, as it is more of a bomb drop than a regular drop-in, but it is fun and isn’t that why we skate?