"feel" to rock again.

By massive popular demand “feel” the greatest rock band ever will be blowin the fkn doors of the Metro on thursday night 20th April 8:00pm to 8:45.



Scot thats filth but I would check your typing.‘Blowing the doors of Metro’ means something a little different to ‘Blowing the doors off Metro’

Yeah Scott

(that’s two T’s in ScoTT, Mr Eli) :unamused:

unlike Bret…aka One T 8)

orrright !!! Come feel the noise…!


We went off last night. Was awsome fun, good crowd. You guy’s would have loved it.

Irritable Bill Syndrome congratulates Scooter 8)

When u’ playin’ next Skoot’ ?

We should get a group of MASHers to go along…

Hopefully soon again at the Metro. Will keep you posted.