first time on photo bucket

hey guys any tips on getting photos bigger central coast crew at dullo and rwood on the day the fin(rip) comp was cancelled


No being the full ‘IT’ Geek, I can only advise.

When I prepare my images for the web, I re-size them to:

*inchs wide or 9inches high, and this seems to fit a standard computer screen pretty well!

If you make the longest side between 600 and 450 pixels and set the resolution to 72dpi as Dave sugested they should come out fine.
You can do this in most if not all photo manipulation programs.
good luck.

Load em into photobucket at full res.

can everbody see the photos ican see them my end but mosu says he cant see them???

I can see em.

why carnt I see the photo’s?

firewall etc etc ???