Fletch's Paradise

Hey Fletch,

post some pix man of your pro built mini … we are waiting

cheers and regards, Matthias

Dont get to excited lol am still preparing the site took the bushes out and marked the area to be levelled.

is a good quality build is 9 mths old and painted grey will have to make some BDS stencils for below the coping.

Will get some pics when its in and i learn some flash tricks lol 5050 rock to fakie and some others i dont know the names of

The new baby is all in position and just needs to have the location bolts bolts and screw down the surface joints then its Go Go Go.

Will get some pics for Chalie to post

Cool Fletch. How much space does she take up on the ground? My yard is really small but I figure a with bit of landscaping… might just get the idea afloat…

it’s 6.3m x 3.6 or 22.68 sq m of back yard bliss or as I like to call it the jnr developement area