I’m keeping the three on the left, which leaves the natural and the blue.
Daniel gets to pick as he ordered one…anyone else?
They come with die cut grip too $125.00

aww hang it - i’ll take the clear one :wink:

Cheers MASH man, are Mabuto and I the only guys hangin these baby’s?
It’s better than superannuation…where else do you get a 50 to 100% return in two years?

Braden - not much left to choose from - I already got naturals and blues - but not a charcoal and not the burnt orange - she’s a bewdy mate!

Could you be coaxed into giving one of em up?

Is asking for the orange too much to hope for?

Stay tuned for the next instalment …

Let me know, Bro.

Orange one is yours Mabuto!

Super huh I see the ads for Cbus on the tv are Foz and Wes aware of this? Are they a registered fund.

whats my lightly skated Griffin worth in this part of the world?