Going For A Roll

  1. Going for a roll at Frankston Tuesday night 6:30 / 7 if you are keen come on down.

Rolling at Belco on the 8 / 3 / 14. It’s going to go OFF.

I know I,ll be allowed out to Franga,

HELL YEAH, I am there :laughing:

  1. Going to Chelsea Thursday night at 7. Then doing Frankston on Saturday Avo going to fix copping and give it a spray. sk8 should be about 7:00. So rock along if you like.

Rolling Frankston on Tuesday night with Mark & Matt so come on down if you are up for some Franga Banga :smiley:

sweet sesh lasta night Billy, mad run from you just before I bailed, I musta done something right with one of those bmx,ers askining the old how long you been skatin mistr,

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Smashed franga out today for about 4/5 hrs sick session. Well I will be hitting it up on Tuesday night at 6:30/ 7:00 if any one would like to come on down.

:astonished: Going to franga at 11:00 am sunday if you are free and up for a roll

gotta go and suss a garage full of 80,s gear, shits been in boxes 20 years,


see you in Canberra.


see you in a few days mate :smiley:

Going down to have a roll at Franga on Sunday at 5:00pm if you are free to sk8 :smiley:

Skate Ring of Fire with Bad Billy this Saturday

  1. That’s right going to the Ringa at 12:30 Saturday hope to see you on the coping.

Thanks Bernie :smiley:

Tackling the franga lil bowl at bout six to work on the pipe legs,