grant murdoch biff model for sale or swap

i am moving and as a result i am clearing out some stuff.

i have a grant murdoch biff model for sale or swap.

it has reflex tail pad, rails and risers, jones germ free wheels.
not sure of trucks. front truck bolts are loose and need to be replaced and the nose is smashed up. apart from that it is in good nic.

super hard to find aussie retro skate deck.

pick up only from sydney (it weighs a tonne)

open to any offers and swaps for retro reissue deck or similar

Sic deck, pm sent.

ignore him Im from Sydney and I can get Errol to sign the wheels



So , who got it ???

Humanbeerfilter won this round.

I attempted the time honoured and true method as taught on Skull and Bones of a side deal and an outbid via pm, but unfortunately as I was drunk I sent the pm to myself :blush: :laughing: :blush:

:unamused: piss head :smiley:

You booze, you lose :unamused:

Mosu , I dont know if you already have one of Biff’s boards but there seems to be more of them around than Adrian’s model. They come up on E bay from time to time .
Round 2 coming up !

Bob I had one back in the day and have seen them appear with some frequency, mind you Im not to keen to get between Beerminder and a skateboard that he desires :laughing:

:open_mouth: 8)

Hey there Beerminda- I have something that belongs to you and want to return it but I lost ya number- can you send me a pm with it ? Cheers

I’d love to have it.
I am Biff’s brother Ian.
Call me on 0414265724