Guildford (Sydney) bowl/pool thing

James and I went to check Guildford today after seeing what looked like a reasonable bowl/ pool thing at

It’s a sort of rectangular shaped thing with no roll in, about 6ft at one end and 8ft at the other. If it wasn’t as kinked as f*** it might be rideable. An example of a good plan poorly executed.

Old mate working at the community pool centre it’s a part of said no-one rides it ever and they’da been better off pouring a big piece of flat concete for the local kids to dick around on.


i used to skate it alot.The deep end wich should be the steepest is actually super banky.The tight end is fun despite the kinks

We’re a bit spoiled these days I spose. In 1980 I would’ve killed for a place like that to ride.

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