Friends of mine went to Hastings on the weekend, apparently there is a bowl right next to the beach, has anyone been there?? If so, whats it like, good for a bumblefooted chick who cant drop in yet???

Hey leah I only learnt to drop in a few mths ago it is like every one says “it’s easy” it really is I can’t beleive i wouldnt do it

Start somewhere small and just go for it. and your not bumblefooted if your sk8ing its gr8 to see chicks sk8ing

Funny story for you, I first learnt to drop in , Torquay vert ramp, age 12, long time ago, Slammed bad, but it was the only way to get a shot on the ramp many moons ago, so you learn to make it quick ( plus my ole man just shelled out 300$ for a brand spanka Vision Agressor set up which was part of the deal). Next crash I have dropping 18 years later, deep end of Coburg bowl, made the drop no prob, but sum clown had smashed a bottle in the bowl, glass jammed up my wheel and spun me into the other wall, it only hurts more when you get older, but u try not to make the same mistakes again :smiling_imp: so they say!!! Just take the drop allready focused on your next move, you’ll make it, just don’t get hung up on thinking to hard about it :wink:

Jimmy I wasnt sorta getting too hung up thinking about dropping in until you mentioned the glass in the bottom of the bowl :open_mouth:

Hahaha…I’ll get it eventually, just need to find a quiet little ramp somewhere and go again and again and again. I will head over to Coburg before Chrissy Fletch. Northcote was awesome last Tuesday night for a watch…that was some awesome skating!!! I freaked out and lost all bravery when I saw the bowl though, so I hid in the corner and watched instead. :laughing:

I think more chicks should skate too, but some people prefer growing old gracefully…I prefer to grow old disgracefully!!!

I agree with Jimmy, I never learnt to drop in back in the day so it was a complete spin out for me I tried it about 4 yrs ago and slammed, broke my wrist. Didnt skate again until last winter, my nickname was the “bottom feeder” as I fakied my way to the coping.

Do it once and you can do it forever its so much better hitting your first move with speed.

Hold the nose and just go in you’ll wonder why it took so long. Is much easier than a rock to fakie, which i might add I cant do.

And Leah, dont forget to slam the board down fast. If you dont you will do a rear wheel wheely and land an your behind. One other thing is make sure your front foot goes across the deck over the bolts. When I first got it down I was pointing my front foot forwards for some reason and it meant I had no steering control. I know this seems a lot to think about so hears a simple check list.

  1. Hang your deck over and position front foot “across” the bolts.
  2. Fall in about 30deg (thats the scary part)
  3. Slam it down and ride it out.

Dont practice this on a steep ramp. Thats even more difficult to do.

Do practice droping in with out a skateboard.

I know that sounds dumb but It helped me find how far in I had to fall before slamin the deck down. Except I was just slamin my foot down and running in.

Thanks gents!!! Simple but thorough advice, Im all fired up now!!!

I braved up earlier and went to the East Bentleigh street park for a go on their metal ramps, just about summed up the courage to have a go after rolling around and practicing kick turns and the rain started…then my son had a major stack sliding accross the ramp, (you know one of the ones you stop breathing when you see??), smacking his jaw, twisting his back and landing on his hip…luckily he’s nine and flexible still, his jaw is nice and swollen, poor little bugger.

Anyway, have tomorrow off, might head down again during the day when there are no kids there…hopefully I will have some good news tomorrow afternoon!!!

Hey Scott, you got your drop in’s wired?


Check out these sk8er chick sites

Wahineskate.com and skateboardmom

there are some hot chicks around in the US and the sites might have chat

Hahaha…how long before you think all the boys will check out the site!!!

ASAP lads :smiling_imp: