HIPPERS and Hip Pain

I just wanted to get some feedback on how everyone’s hips are holding out?

I took some pretty heavy hippers during my trannie induction :blush: and have since invested in padded shorts. I rarely suffer from hippers any more but my hips are forever sore.

Does anyone else have painful hip joints?
Did you have them in the past and have they improved? How long did it take?
Are you using a walking frame now?

I’m just hoping that I have not done any permanent damage…dammit, I should have used the padded shorts from day 1… :frowning:

Your response will be used in the name of science, thank you.

I have been lucky enough to to cop a hipper (yet!..touch wood), but I know what you mean about sore hips. I get a bit of pain as a leftover from a bout of sciatica (pain in lower back/hip on right side), and also get sore hips from a big session of skating too.

I put it down to a) muscular soreness earned from honest skate labour
b) being decrepit.

It just adds a bit of spice to the sore thighs and general tiredness after a good skate.

Part of my Belco slam damage was hip bruising. Doesnt seem to hurt as much as the knee and my upper arm (shoulder). The upper arm muscle pain has kept me painfully awake since saturday. Doc say’s nothing broken though.
phatlogie, you should wear some kind of hip padding. Mosu and Pat made there own.

Hippers certainly make you feel alive. Ive had a few purple hippers and all is ok. If only I could saw that about my knees

I get the feeling Phatlogie may be talking more about recurrent pain from the pressure of skating transition rather than a specific slam on the hips. When I started riding bigger trannies for the first time in years (Maroubra, 2001) I would get two nasty recurrent pains:

  1. In the first hour or so I’d get this deadly feeling of compression in my lower spine. It would get worse and worse, but I found I could skate through it, and each time it tended to last less long.

2.At night, while trying to focus on my coping fantasies, I’d get these really intense pin-points of pain in my hips. I’m not talking pins and needles, but something far deeper, more concentrated in a single point, and generally evil. Like a hot needle stuck in the bone.

None of this happned when I was a youngster of 30 something … Good news is that I hardly get either anymore (and I’ve only been skating a couple of months each year). Bondi must generate more Gs than Maroubra, but I don’t get either there. Something in the joints just seems to get more supple through skating alone.

I imagine the person to explan the physiology of all this is BassWombat.


Just another quick thought that comes from the fact that I’ve only been skating a couple of months a year, but I do it full-on during that time.

People say that when you’re old and frail you need to take rests between skates (3 days is a common suggestion). For me this is wrong. The more I skate, the less it hurts (within limits - last week I skated till midnight at riverwood on thursday, joined scooter and mark at 8.am for a bondi roll in hellish heat, and hit bondi again with Jamie in the arvo - too much!).

I prescribe at least one hour of vert action everyday!

Hip slams should hurt and will for a couple of days, It does not matter how old you are if your hips are sore from skating thats normal. Ive been climbing roofs and scaffold for years and if anything gets sore, I have the perfect fix it. Stretch the bastard, what do guys do before they play footy or lift weights they STRETCH :exclamation: And Phatlogie get yourself to bondi on Saturday mornings and skate with us :slight_smile:

I had some massive hippers 20+ years ago and i had forgot that i had a problem untill… Started back skating and fell on that exact spot 20 years later in a tight tranny pool. You would think after all those years that it would have completely healed. So wrong! So the first thing i done was made myself hip pads, now i have no probs.
Oh, same with the wrists too.

Thanks for the replies guys, Dexter has processed the following data :bulb: :

  1. You’re probably decrepit (Bondi Boy)
  2. Get some hip pads (Scoot)
  3. At least it’s not your knee (Mosu)
  4. Keep skating, it will pass (Bill)
  5. On second thoughts, skate more! (Bill)
  6. Stretch and get down to Bondi on Saturdays (Mustang)
  7. It will come back to haunt you when you least expect it! (GH)

Dexter has computed my perfect match and reckons that I should stop bitching and skate more, so I’ll see the MASH crew at Dullo on Sunday! :smiley:

i have found Hirudoid Cream® to be a savior.
rub a small amount into swellbows or hippers and you can sleep without pain. it also reduces healing time and lets you get back onboard quicker.
ask for it at your chemist.
and remember its Hirudoid Cream® not hemeroid cream. lol… :laughing:
if its muscle related then heat like Dencorub® before a skate can help.

mbr pete

isn’t that Hipy Skate Co :smiling_imp: supposed be makers of hip pads??? DV???

Over the years of bodily abuse, I have experimented with a few remedies. I have come across none better than Tiger Balm (red), and Zeng Gu Shoy (phonetic spelling)

If your local chemist does not have either of these, you may need to find a chemist in a suburb with a dense asian population.

Tiger Balm is quite popular, so that shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’m not sure if you can get them in Oz, but you may be able to find Tiger Balm patches (I got some when I was living in China). These are great if you don’t like having Tiger Balm all over your fingers. They also last a little longer.

Zeng Gu Shoy is a liquid that comes in a tall red box (from memory). I guess asking at the counter may help in finding it. Go on, don’t be shy. This stuff is great for bruised muscle and bone. I have had bruises heal in less than half the normal time using it.

Agreed on both front there MM. Alternating between the two adds effectiveness somehow too. The claims made in the Zeng Red Box are a bit over the top but it is good shiz.

I dont know 'bout hip pain but i do know muscle pain…
I was carving ad i hit something and was slammed into the wall and hurt the muscles in my shoulder and my ribs :frowning: but hell… i just kep skating :smiley:

  1. stretch well before you skate
  2. if the stretching hurts too much drink 1 beer
  3. drink another beer just in case
  4. after 30 minutes of skating, have another

this should help and if you fall on your hip again and it hurts, you have not had enough beers

Hip joint pain can be associated pelvic alignment as well. If your lower back is out of whack it puts pressure on your tierd old hip sockets.

Welcome Jess, where the bloody hell is Eli?

I believe he has been pinned down by that neccessary evil “work”.
A couple of very nice bowls being built over here at the moment.
That will no doubt get him out & about.

I’m still alive, still skating a coupla times a week and trying not to hold my breath until some decent bowls materialise. I’ll take a camera next time I skate for proof.

back on topic, I’ve got an interesting lump, left after a series of hip slams a year or so ago. anyone else got this kind of thing?

no, but after skating for a few months with a knee brace my right hip has given out! (alignment issue doctor reckons its Tendinitis of my ham string)

After doctors examination today I am now getting an MRI scan of the shoulder and probable shoulder surgery. Its just been slowly getting more painful. They recon a torn muscle. But for some strange (and cool) reason I can still slalom hard with no problems. So this weekends comp will be ok. This will be my first sergery ever :frowning: