Keep an eye out boys.
Some turd just broke into my truck and ripped off my skate bag.Goodbye Jay Adams Death-Box;169 and 215 Indys;2 sets of wheels;Pads;Shoes the whole bloody lot.
Spread the word!


Double fuck mate…fucken theiving c@@ts :angry:

F8cken theives!

That’s gotta be the only one of those decks in Oz.

Mosu - get a clear pic of the board? Post warning on skateboard.com.au Clay. Be seen on this board and end your skating career :imp:

Pricks…all keep a look out on ebay as well

clay i know exactly how you feel.
will keep an eye out for the board and gear.
people - don’t leave your loved ones unattended in the car!!!

Clay I have a picture of your board but not sure where. its in one of my Dullo Directories, will look thru a few 1000 fotos tomorrow night and post it if I can find it

Bastards, just when you where starting to get hooked again,one day these boards will turn up, and vengence will be had. :imp: :smiling_imp:

Dude i cant believe the year your having, just exactly what is it that you have done? 2006 cant come quick enough.