john the poms excellent bondi adventure

great day with my new fisheye parra then the bra then bondi

Great shots, need (some) skaters names.

1 ,2 Luxford, 3 Matt Kati, 4 Mick Mullhal, 5 John with TA, 6 Jackson Pillsen, 7 Omar Hussan 8 Mal 9 Karvin Kiwi , 10 Mathius, 11 unkown to me at Parra. What a great day Ill start my report in the morning 8)

no pool skating ,but my first roll since broken elbow,putting my best scar forward… :smiling_imp:

unknown is paul carey layback grind from central coast sorry mark didnt get to say g,day it was to crazy what a day :laughing:
john the pom

Its cool John, next time we will all have charliedont skate hutch I think thats what the nam vets called it :laughing:

Way to go JTP, you got some awesome shots mate, how HIGH is that aerial of Lux’s, the man was on fire. Was good to meet you guys, hopefully well catch up for a roll soon when the long threatend MASH assault on San Remo takes place.