kariong corner pool fools

sorry about the crappy exposure

Geez Chris, that turned out really nice. Thanks for taking that pic mate.

a few more

yeah they look nice chris, cheers for those.

(and let it be said i was confident that mick would make it over me, but i was still a little freaked by it)

looks like if we want to skate this thing again, we are gonna need to put a whole weekend it to it as nature has had it’s way and h20 has made it’s appearance.

i have a mate coming from SA in about a month who wants to skate it (hi ben, if you’re reading this) so maybe we will do it then? (date to come)

Tremendous skating and fantastic photography. Chris, I’m on semester break soon and we will have to talk about that pool photography/text collaboration idea. I reckon those are truly CLASSIC shots!

Mad pics. Werent more taken that day of the same trick while Benon did some special effects for the camera? Was a rad arvo. C u up here soon, this time at the pool, not on the side of the highway. he he

yeah, and this time we will get to skate it again!
hey after you folks left the pinetree bowls i was bitten by a dog! lovely!

Benon your allways getting bitten by dogs. OH sorry i meant burnt by dogs :stuck_out_tongue: