Big bad bushing kit #1’s have landed.
Retail on these baby’s is $76.95. check
My price is $64.00 shipped.
There are 15 sets of 2, enough for 7 setups and a couple spare.
Anyone that wants individuals, just say and I will work it out.
Kit 1 contains:
• 2 set x-soft white barrel bushings
• 2 set soft blue barrel bushings
• 2 set med red barrel bushings
• 2 set hard yeollow barrel bushings
• 2 set hard black barrel bushings

• 1 set x soft white insert bushings
• 1 set soft blue insert bushings
• 1 set med soft red insert bushings
• 1 set hard yellow insert bushings
• 1 set hard black insert bushings

• 4 each small soft pivot bushings
• 4 each small hard pivot bushings
• 2 each large soft pivot bushings
• 2 each large hard bushings

Some tips I have picked up from BDS, S&B forums are:
Blue barrel (soft) bottom bushing
red (medium soft) or yellow (medium hard) insert top bushing.
If you want your trucks a little firmer, try a red bottom instead.
For example the stock Indy bushings are 86A.
The Khiro blues are 82A, reds 84A, yellows 90A.
Others are using the Larger insert bushings on the bottom…
After about an hour of research, I’m going for the blue barrel bottom, red insert top on the front and red barrel bottom, yellow insert top on the front

Actually went for the barrels on the older Indy’s
Inserts on the brand new Indy’s they sit a lot better.
A lot of fun dialin em in, and they have improved the indy’s no end…even stopped the wheel rub problem on the pirate!
Dont know exactly why…

Cool. I’ll take a set. Money order on its way Monday. Nice one.