Last session before Bangalow

Sunday 14 May, Midday

And a new location, scouted out by Groundhangers. It’s at Pemulway (near Blacktown) and the name of the street is “Butu Wargun Drive”, near the corner of Reconciliation Road. It’s an access road for an industrial park - perfectly smooth surface, nice and wide, a dead-end, and should be almost totally traffic-free on a Sunday.

The hill is a bit steeper than Allawah, but not scary-steep. Hopefully it’ll be similar to the hill at Bangalow.

Here’s the map:

And if anybody’s travelling from the eastern suburbs/city, feel free to offer me a lift :slight_smile:

If you are talking about the one we first bombed Bugs, that hill was called Picrite Close otherwise all is good!

Can i give a slalom session to my mum for Mothers Day? The gift that gives giving.
Or do I tell my wife I am taking my mother out for lunch…I tell my mother I am taking my wife and daughter out to lunch and just pray at the slalom altar that neither of them talks to each other this week.

Bring her along! we’ll put on a show to make sure she never forgets this Mother’s Day!!


he he he he

just gimme a call bugs. i can give you a lift when i get jogger.

Cool, Fitz, I’ll call you tomorrow. You downhill-oriented guys are gonna shine on bigger steeper hills with looser cones.