Lords of Dogtown


who said
“we’re going to be on summer vacation for the next 20 years…”

The trailers look pretty good - is anyone prepared to organise an en mass cinema excursion?


lov’n it…

MK outside of the education dep’t a trip to the flicks is called “going out” not an “excursion”

Rich or Scott?
whats the deal on flowing some free proddy? Particularly DOGTOWN tickets.

Is there a MAS*H movie night coming up for this?

Opens today from talking to Jamie Greentree. He was lucky and got to go to the premiere. Im out for friday night but sunday night on I’ll be wanting to find the time to see this.

Im in anyone else?
Also where is it screening at?

monday night 6.30 victoria gardens richmond apparently

Tickets confirmed bus booked EXCURSION is on

MK, it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone OK.

You will need special tickets and the secret pass word to get in, as it a closed screening. You can’t buy tickets to this session.

What a great excursion.

We all paired off as the tickets where all doubles and sat in an orderly manner near the front in 2 rows and shared our popcorn.

Tha movie was great, a few of the crew didnt rate a mention but it is only based on a true story.

After the film we went to the cafe and had a few beers and reminised. MK left us unsupervised for a while, but can rest assured we all continued to behave

the class (clown) didnt let anyone down - good on ya fletch -
maybe we can do another one soon! - the museum maybe?

  • also thanks to Mr E Green for the Skatekings! bit grainy but made the wife watch it when i got home! :smiley:

Sure skatekings was the dvd you made her watch???

Great flick but then again Im somewhat Biased. The skating was good but I wouldnt say it was great. The acting was ok although perhaps it was slanted (a bit ok a lot) to making Stacey appear as something extra special (I think thats called Poetic license he did write the movie)

Lance Mountains cameo was a laugh, Tony Hawks cameo sucked, Duane Peters cameo was defintiely Ironic (gives the lad acting as Duane some money for a 6 pak at a party scene)

Pity Shogo didnt get a bigger role!

all in all its basically Big Wednesday on skateboards without vietnam getting in the way.

Ending was a bit sad but based on fact

I managed to get a pirate copy of it tonite, the bloke I got it of has had it for 3 days.
Quality isn’t to bad, even has a proper cover and all.
forgot to log in …Sean

is Duane in this movie ? or, are we talking Jay Adams and six packs?

whoops big mistake I meant to say Jay Adams, not Duane Peters (although there are some interesting similarities between the two)

Ok - any MASHers not seen the flick yet? Anyone wanna go see it say, this Friday night? Fox Studios perhaps? Coupla beers afterwards?

I’m pretty keen to see it and just thought it would be fun with a bit of a crew, particularly for the post mortem bit!

I’d see it again!
Im in. might be worth asking Rich or Scott If they can get it on DVD Ive heard its out on limewire.

Nobody picked Bob Biniak as the resturant guy " this is a family restaurant"

Bob Biniak… no way…the dude looked way old !!!
Great movie, and yes there are dvd’s out already. I got my copy sat nite, the guy I got it from had his on thurs (one nite before it hit cinemas)
AHHH, the wonders of the intranet !!!