M*A*S*H Nite Riverwood (Pics) Part 2


Comments welcome…


Nice one Bill, I like the shot of Clay dropping in, the combination of the Riverwood grafitti and the slightly ‘loud’ shirt that clay is sporting is very effective. while Steve and I provide a shadowy, grey tinged back drop.
Keep up the good work.

Comment - Post the picks on 1 page.
It would be nice to see MASH pics posted every week, we treasure them dearly.

Comment: Stick em in the skate photo, so hot now thingy…geez i’ll change the name if you dont like it.
In fact any comments on forum topics most welcome.

dont feature carves… there not worth it. (except Mals)

I have found the key to success in skate photography is “wait till they get pissed”

Thanks Braden, In future I certainly will post my pics in that allocated section. Cheers mate.

PS. Sorry MASHer’s I can’t make next wed night. I’m on Hols for a week. I’ll catch ya the following. Enjoy.