Mal's been ripped off

opened today and saw a new picture on the home page.

“Epic Its Mohawk Mal at The Bra Bowl” I thought. so I moved the cursor over the image to see what it was labelled and it said

   "Tony Hallam. photo: Cam Wells"

one of 2 thinks have happened.

  1. impressed by Mal’s underground skate credibility Tony Hallam has had extensive plastic surgery and is now impersonating Mal down to the last detail including Mohawk, CntrL shirt and a Grosso board


  1. the photo is incorrectly labelled.

Braden could you relabel the image and leave it up for a week so Bra Bowl Pete can see it and let Mal know about it.

Refresh your cursur.

Caught me mid update…correctly titled now.

thanks for that I feel much better now.
Inspired by the site of Mohawk Mal I had a roll at the Bra Bowl, my first since Bra Bowl Pete’s clean up efforts.

the bowl is carvable again. all the graffitti has worn off and you can carve the shallow to the deep end (collective cheer goes up)

The damage in the deep end has not been repaired but thats ok cause it doesnt really affect the deep end much. you can ride over it and not really notice it much

Having said that I had a bail on it cause I was freaking my wheels would stop dead in it. After seeing young Blake from Dullo drop in the deep (his first time at Bra Bowl) and ride over it I decided to stop being such a wimp and hit it. my verdict its all ok

cautionary note pads are adviseable cause bailling into the mini craters in the deep end is likely to result in a 5dock graze ie deep and nasty.