Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone the best - and also say how much I’ve enjoyed finding this site and the people involved with it in my return to skating. Sadly my knee injury and following ACL recon killed the opportunity to skate very much at all, but I WILL BE BACK! Albeit hopefully sometime around Easter when the surgeon gives me the okay.

May Skater Claus be good to everyone and stay safe over the holidays.

Cheers Chuck - same to you.

Skater Clause got me an ALVA skate bag, some 60mm PPS Pool Crushers and a Deathbox deck :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

How ’ bout you guys?

Yeah…A Merru Xmas and safe New year to everyone

So glad I discovered CDS and all the forum heads that go with it!!!

Skater clause got me a set of Krypto CSI, bright green, straight out of the late 70’s,NOS
also a used but good set of road rider 4’s, and a used but good set of sims pure juice competitions, straight from the time warp!!!

Ahhh…Skater Clause, you gotta luv him!!!(skater clause must have got a job at FEDEX!!!)

Merry Christmas guys ~ look forward to skating with you in the new year :smiley: