Mid Aged Mid Week Syd Up North Shore Sessions

I know I am not alone in getting back into skateboarding after a long time down. I typically skate mid week and usually skate Cherrybrook skatepark. There is a good crew around that park and it was a real eye opener to see other people in my age group having a session.

I live closer to Hornsby and am keen to skate other parks around but I am hanging my shingle out and am looking for others to skate with.

Ill be down at Cherry this Friday from 10am until lunch and am keen to hit Terry Hills park and newly built pump track at some stage soon. Pump track info here https://www.basementskate.com.au/blog/tag/terrey-hills-pump-track/


Ill keep updating this in the weeks to come to see if there is any traction from others.

Saw this a bit too late but happy to meet up for a skate during the week.

Been keen to see the pump track.

Sounds good, how about next Friday late morning?

Sounds good, which skatepark?

I was thinking Terry Hills pump track at the BMX area then head over to the Terry Hills skate park. My kid has been a bit sick recently and out of daycare so my availability is going to be based on him getting better. Ill update tomorrow because Ill know how free I am tomorrow.

Can others read this thread? By all means if there are others that want to jump in and make this a thing then lets put it together. I am trying to get some other guys to come that are not currently on CDS.

Hey Hop and anyone else reading and thinking about heading down to Terry pump track. My kid is still ill so its looking like tomorrow is out for me. I however would be keen for the following Wednesday or Friday if anyone is down. Apologies to initiate this and have to pull.

I want to network other skaters in my area. Let me know if anyone is down for the following Wed or Friday?

Kind regards,