Mini cruisers. The new short longboard.

These are becoming really popular as cruisers. Longboard riders that want something that will turn sidewalk corners without having to get off and kick the nose around the corner. They also mimic surfboard shapes too. The completes tend to favour a 60mm 80a type small longboard wheel which are great for irregular sidewalks. The result is a crazy little skate that rides super smooth, carves like no other, and makes hardly any sound while rolling along. The Jimmy Plumer is a good example.

So here’s a few more:
Dogtown - J.J. Florence Model My personal favourite.
Length: 27 inches.
Width: 8 inches.
Wheelbase: 13.75 inches.
27" Stinger
Landyachtz Allstar 27.75 Mini Cruiser Complete
With randal trucks on a short wheelbase who needs a kicktail. Imagine the turn on this thing.
Madrid Mini cruiser 29" Complete

Old Star Complete Skateboard
Tattooed Betty Mini Cruiser
7 1/2" x 24" with a 14" wheelbase

This was one of the first. Skip Engblom was onto a good thing.

If it aint between 24" and 27" it aint a mini cruiser.
So here’s some retro Madrid 24 inchers.
Remember that 24" Bahne. Imagine an 8" wide one with a bigger kicktail.

Even Tony Hawks got one.

Speaking of Bahnes. These are the new retro Bahnes.

Nice one Scott. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking of building up. We picked up a cheapie “kids” board in the US recently ($US9.95 at Walmart!) and I was simply going to reshape the deck into that 24" Madrid shape and get new trucks/wheels. Looks fun!

Better order up big on the Mid tracs Braden

Your right Fletch, I love the DTS Florence model.

Braden imagine a set of mellow yellow minidubs/polished tracker fulltracks on the Florence.
Love the airbrushed black lines around the outside. Its like straight from Jeff ho’s surfboard shop.
like on the Z13 surfboard below.

I was inspired to make this longboard yesterday by the kindness of Clay’s Krypto Hawaii’s. Wow, doesnt it rip. Ive only got Indys on it at the moment, so hopefully in a short while ill get some Randals.
The Shorty I made while staying at Scott Springs. Variflex trucks with pitched raisers and a set of my old faithlfull Rat Bones. Its is so much fun to ride.

BTS Longboard - 39 1/2" x 9"
Shorty - 27 1/4" x 7"

Try Again




Nice functional looking slalom deck.
But dude, im loving the old amp and speaker setup. Bet that amp sounds good.

Just checking out the thread. I would reccommend that you guys check out the Longstik by Carveboard. 39 inch deck with a double ended pin tail & concave in the deck. Hope to have a couple of these puppy’s @ the slalom comp in Syd (homebush) this weekend. I will post a couple of photos later.

Ahhhrrr there she be the great brown longboard which took the leg of Ishmael

Be Still my beating heart it not be long before Capn Ahab harpoons this Moby Dick of the Long Board world.

God hunt us all, if we do not hunt Moby Dick to its death!