More emergency GROSSOS available!

Let me know if your interested so I know how many to order!
grosso blocks 8.5"

grosso devil bats 9.25"

hosoi burst 9"

duane peters cursed 9.375"

Hey Braden, I’m in for a Grosso Block and a Hosoi burst if you get enough interest!


I’m keen on a Duane Peters. Had my eye on one for a while. Bit like my Cohort.

check, check and check.

Braden, do you know what colour the grosso blocks are? purple like the pic or a grey stain like most of them seem to be. Not that it really matters, but im riding a grey one at the moment and wouuld like to increase the grosso collection.

one Grosso devil bat for me thankyou Mr Braden 8)

check stang
@chris…I missed the first run of blocks, will check on colours.


i am in for a Grosso!!

@ chris the blocks are grey stain :cry:

Thanks Braden. :slight_smile:

All emergency decks will arrive this monday and I will be shipping them out to you guys, so gets your wallets out.


Looking at the BL site it seems Emergency will some day get its own pages.

Are you any the wiser in regards to others on the team and PIG boards (i.e. Olson Lucero, Blender, Hosoi?)

I damn well spit chips evertime I visit and no full emergency pages

I’ll like to see more info and stuff on the Legends guys too!

Dave, Ive seen pics of Hosoi recently on a weird shape thing with sidecuts and an updated verion of the hammerhead which is apparently the proto-type of a new model to come out, looks sweet!! There is a 9 1/2 " blender “skees and Tees” which u dont see in any product lists but which i have seen in stores.
Olson has a SWEET!! looking guest board on deathbox at the moment … onor_Deck/

Hey Chris the blocks are not grey they are this!

btw these hosoi wings are available too…8" x 31.875"

sweet braden! whats the damage? ive got 2 boards on the way from the U.S so i probably shouldnt but what the f%#k.