MOSS JAM - did it really happen?

What’s the deal MOSS’s ?
Not one photo, not one satisfied customer.
Apart from Winfer’s rap up, there’s been zero. Yeah, yeah, I know the CROSS contingent didn’t make it ( our plans were trashed at the last minute) but we’d still like to hear about what went down.

…am I on the right site :question:

It’s all on facebook.

I have not had a chance to do the slaom write-up yet.


yes short memories and fairweathered I bleet, Shame, Charlie was fine when mid life crisis,s were being stroked and now that we are all comfortable and confident in our wrinckle suits we have turned hipster to the modern ways, how embarrassing it will be if F/B started to charge for its service and we found ourselves rushing back with our senior citizens cards in hand,

apolagizes to those forgotten or left behind,

CDS proudly free, completely useless and bound to crash since 2004

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I think it became a sanctioned Bowlriders Event, by what Ive seen on FB.

Jimmy, how are ya?

Was wondering the same thing.

I miss Cam Wells photography!(someone go steal his bike!MAMIL!!)

I think Fletch has gone the way of a MAMIL too!!!

I agree wasn’t about moss anymore to many young rippers getting the way to even get a roll there I said it and I don’t care