'Mushing' or bearing socket failure

I’d read about it but dismissed as BS from ‘core’ type wheel manufacturers PR departments but…

Ever had a set of wheels with a few thousand klms on the clock that no matter how much fiddling with spacers and nut tightness you can’t seem to get bearings running smooth?

I have (now had) a well worn set of my fave wheels (shitfire) that suffered the above. I’d put it down to the the bearings (rockets) and had pulled em, cleaned em - no change. The wheels still made that brrdbrrdbrrd roll rather than a smooth brrrrrrrrr. (pffft sound effects - you know what I mean)

Last night I fitted a spankin set of black death wing skulls and guess what? brrrrrrrrr - smooooth as rolling.

Fact or fiction? Proof is in the rolling and I’m rolling Black Death - soon as the rain stops :^(

Yup, suffered the same problem with an old set of Bullets (they were seconds I bought way back when). No matter how much I faffed about with them the bearings refused to sit straight in the wheels…so they got canned. I still have them, but I never liked them in the first place, and now they arent even any good to put on the shelf for show.

As for cored v non cored, I’m not totally sold on the idea. I had some Gyros (with aluminium cores) back in the day and they were pretty cool. since then, the first cored wheels I’ve owned are those Alva Ditch wheels I got off you…still unridden thanks to the rain! It seems to be a good idea, but if the wheels are moulded correctly they probably dont actually need the cores in my opinion…

I think the theory is the cores keep the bearings ‘true’ for the life of the wheel. The sh*tfires were fine new. To be fair, they have done a lot of work and I’m still a fan.

had some coretechs which I must have damaged using the axle to pull the bearings. the inner core got deformed and suddenly one wheel would destroy bearings

Ive got 3 sets of 7 bearings that are ok as a result.

bought new wheels and problem gone.

core vs non core Id pick core every time (particularly coretech) no if only I can find a shop with coretech 58mm’s Id be well sorted

i had a problem with a 56 cortech straight from the pack. Think it must’ve been moulded funny.i tried 4 different bearings still the same deal.the guy at psc ended up replacing the set with a little persuasion.

Hey mosu there’s a set of CORTECH DISC 58MM at Boarders Manly.