My next dream ride setup

BDS Flatpig
Seizmic 45deg front & back
White dubs

With the soft springs in the Seizmics and the white dubs, I recon this pig will be a kick ass carve machine.

Thank god for BDS & Braden

Quadplane 10", 6 tracks and mini dubs.

Braden, Skated my quad 10 at northcote last night with indy 149 and the orange shogos. swapped the shogos for 95a dub cons and lossened the trucks and it went unreal.

suited to larger bowls am going to wedge the truck for more turning.

do you have any old style thick rails? I have a set of the slim powel ones but they are too low to mount on the edges of the deck and dont want to scuff the graphic

Hey Fletch, sorry I missed your tan and the quad being ripped.
No rails here but I’ll search for ya. I will get a set of destructo’s for you to try…you will love them.

Happy to be your Slash Test Dummy