National Slalom Championship 2013

Looks like the ball is rolling.

Events booked so far:

1st Bathurst Mountain Straight Slalom
2nd Thirroul

Forecast Events

3rd…Lennox Head Outlaw Yes Braden can’t help himself!

4th Allawah
5th Naccos (PC’s Birthday party)
6th Canberra National Capital Championship 19th October 2013
7th Gold Coast, Lennox, Byron(Braden?)
8th South Australia
9th WA
10th Pump Station

So what is missing from all this…that’s right Victoria!


I am in for most of these, not sure if the palooka crew can make the interstate rounds. Will any of these be longboard slalom?

Bernie and everyone else… so SIC!

Guys, CROSS event is looking like 19/20 October. It doesn’t look like any skateboarding, footy or car racing clashes. I’m booking the venue this arvo.

Then for 2104 we’re looking at flipping it on it’s head and booking April sometime to get back to running the event early in the year, any comments or thoughts on that are appreciated.

It’s good to change it up and we reckon it gives more people a chance to come along, we’d probably run a couple of years in April then switch it up again.

One thing that won’t be happening is running it between April and October, it’s just too much potential for freezing weather.

Thirroul ASRA points to Team NSW!
Well done to Ben Freifield for making that happen.

Simple events, without start ramps, more fun, more often!

The WA event is going to happen at the Jack’s Attack racetrack event.
…Stay Tuned

So who wants to do a Victorian race???

Canberra now locked in …19th October…Beeeeeee there!

I was making it along to the regular sessions back in 06. Are there still regular slalom get togethers in Sydney?

I was making it along to the regular sessions back in 06. Are there still regular slalom get togethers in Sydney?

join the slalom group on

Sessions are slowly starting up again.

Hey Josh.
I remember you dude.

We don’t have many ride days anymore. The youngans aren’t into it and the oldies don’t have as much time anymore.

Like Bernie said the best way to keep up with events and ride days is through the Slalom group on ASRA.

Here’s the link but stay tuned here on Charlie. This is where the OG skaters hang out like the old days when you rode with us.

OK, we have a date for closing Baynes Road Monbulk.

17th November, which is the day after BoarderX in St Kilda, and that means that there will be interstate visitors in town.

So how many of you want to do a slalom race?

Mindreading services have been suspended, so you will need to post a yes or a no, and we need at least 10 of you to answer.

Hey guys,

CBRY Sllaom weekend 19-20 Oct 2013.

1st lost of Raffle/competition prizes in - Lonsdale Roasters coffee beans! SIC!

Its on like donkey kong!.. 8) …looking forward to it cross crew… 8)

That’s so kool dave, got any stickers or shirts for the event mate?

Hey Retro,

Graphic by Mexi & Paul Parry!

T-Shirts are definitely on the cards!

A few of us headed to Ainslie today to clean it up, but Neil W and Rossci had beaten us to the post!

The Drains are spotlessly clean, job well done guys!

Next weekend is looking SICK!

Hey Dave,

Have you got a list of what’s on for the partners (ie my wife) that don’t want to stand around all day watching us?

Art shows, galleries, places to eat.


Bernie, there is a bunch of stuff going down for Canberra 100, should be plenty to do:

Skywhale CROSS promotion :wink: