New Cortechs

After flatspotting a wheel I began searching for some 58mm cortechs to discover they only make the ‘disc’ version now in 58mm.

Don’t fear, Tim at electric urethane tells me they’re about to release a new series wheel with a lightweight hub in lieu of thier regular dual duro ‘core’ arrangement.

PS Shitty Rogerson is flowing me one blackfart to replace the one I flatspotted - cool huh? Not only do I highly recommend these wheels, the guy is so cool to boot. Buy Shitfire.

They are also re issuing cockroach wells from what ive heard as well with the roach surface print - bring them on!!! ppmurf

Cockroaches - far out! Hope they put a new school slant on an old school wheel i.e. make em 58-60mm max and not as wide as the originals but keep the old profile.

I ended up buying a set of autobahn dual duro 97a 59’s yesterday. Couldn’t help myself :wink: See how they go…

I hope they dont wreck them by putting a newschool slant on them - lets keep the past in the past design wise especially with all this re issue stuff. autobahn wheels look nice but i am still using powell peralta t-bones , c-roaches and powell peralta b-80s on my oldschool setups - i must try autobahns though - ppmurf

I’m thinking form a business case point of view (as usual) I guess. Market volume for old school originals has gotta be small though I spose it’s really a matter of trotting out the old tooling and pouring some v’s a completely new wheel.

There was a mini wasn’t there? wassit 55mm? I’ve got some at home I remachined into a mod shape.

The new old school wheels out now are awsome.
Im running Rain Skate yellow jackets, Skaterbuilt Poolside favours 60mm
and shitfires.
All are fast, great sizes and are incrediblely grippy, better than any old school original at 90a, these puppies are all 99a. the profile on the inner wall and true ride surface combinations work extremely well over each wheel size, so even though the twig flippers are not my thing and i love all my re-issue old school decks, the wheels that are being developed for us ol’ timers are beyond what we enjoyed many moons ago. Enjoy, the one thing technology has done us right by! Jimstar the wheel testar :smiling_imp:

Jimmy - you’d be suprised if you set up a deck with original 95a t-bones have been riding them on wood and metal and they are super fast and extremely sticky the only wheel close is the powell bomber wheels also super nice but a little to wide - oldschool rules - ppmurf

Im still sliding all over the place, mostly due to lack of talent, balance etc…but some new wheels would be nice to help me along and Im clueless as to what to buy!!!

get coretechs cause they are Aussie Made and Tims a nice bloke. check out this web site

Executive road report on Autobahn dual duro 59mm 97a

As you’d expect at 97a these wheels are softer than the shitfires I was running (99a) which means they’re slightly slower, but smoother and grippier. Break away point for these wheels is high which is bad for slide tricks but offers a secure feel on crete at all other times.

Profile is nice, they come on and off the coping smooth. they do seem to pick up more crap off the coping on the ‘side walls’ than other wheels so look a bit grubby but that’s no biggie. Dulwich Hill is a dirty park though -being near the intersection of three rail lines on Sydney’s busiest route.

Overall, a good wheel. I got my one only replacement Black Fart from Shitty but I think I’ll leave these Autos on for a while and get my $60 worth out of em.