new dog old tricks

young matty only 13 from the central coast rips on the paddle pop but loves the bigfoot this kid knows his roots

Hey John, can I send those photo’s to Wes Humston?
He’ll love it!

Matt rips around Bondi bowl like very few can. He loves big old school decks. He rode my Z13 like it was glued to his feet. At this years OSSJ at Bondi he borrowed my Bigfoot1 reissue. He carries it like a surfboard around the bowl to the deep end. Its so freakn cool. Id say he’s the best BDS rider ive seen and doesnt acually own one.

sure thing braden we skate every wednesday at slam with him always borrows mabutos big foot other tricks include lien to tail as scott says best bds rider without owning one

I should put him on the OZ BDS team…he would rock on a quad 11 yeh?

sure would fact he rips on anything but loves riding old skool boards
MATT KATAI a name to watch for

Matt Katai has a Alva ,skoot knows the model, I think its a 9.5 inch running indys with mini dubs? Man I love watching that kid skate, his old man drives him to all the bowls sits back with few beers and proud grin then sees us pick our jaws of the ground.

thats right mark i think its a alva gibson and stan his old man takes him everywhere hes sponsered by rip curl and loves concrete
more matty

There’s a nice little profile on him on the Rip Curl site:

Sounds like a really nice kid - I look forward to seeing him skate.

Is it KITAI or KATAI? I’m pretty good mates with some people at Rip Curl and if they have it spelt wrong on the site I’ll give them a yell.

Yeah he is amazing

actually dont think his old man drives. Theyve been getting around with mattys girlfriend & her parents.